Mobile App Development

From the initial concept to its submission on the app store, Zunch Labs will handle design and development from start to finish. We can build solutions that integrate directly with your web services and internal corporate systems.

Deep Integration

Our mobile apps and solutions are designed specifically for enterprise use. Through your mobile devices you will be able to connect your employees, partners, and clients with important data and functionality to help them achieve their goals.

High Performance

Our software engineers have the low level programming experience to connect the apps directly with the hardware to ensure the best performance possible. By using low level programming, we can maximize performance and deliver feature rich in-app engagements.

Unrivaled User Experience

Our developers are well-versed in UX and will design intuitive apps that are easy to learn and use. We know how to retain users and keep them active and engaged through in-app purchases and targeted advertising.

Domain and Project Experience you can Rely On

Our team of software engineers have years of experience working with global industry leaders. Now this experience is available to you. Whether you’re a well-established business or an innovator looking to stir things up, we have the experience you need to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Digital Imaging
  • Mobile low-level apps
  • Event Management
  • Mobile SDK’s
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile PoCs

Enterprise Data, Features and Workflows: Mobilized

By developing a custom mobile solution for your business, your mobile devices will become even more productive. Our apps will directly integrate with corporate databases, applications and systems to provide users with the data and functionality they need. You can depend on Zunch Labs for your B2B, B2C and B2E Ecommerce solutions.

Mobile Apps built with Performance in Mind

With our experience in low-level programming, we build applications that are optimized specifically for the tech you’re using. This allows us to free up valuable hardware resources that would otherwise be used translating bloated, high-level code. This translates to fast, efficient apps that can use resources like the CPU…

Experts in Development

We employ the best development practices and provide crystal-clear transparency throughout the entire development cycle. We can ensure that the project will go as planned, will meet your specifications and have it on time and within budget. We work directly alongside your organization so your solution will have a successful launch.

Native Applications

Hybrid applications tend to be slow and resource intensive. That’s why we develop native applications designed specifically for your platform to take advantage of all that your mobile device has to offer. Our team can even port apps to and from Android, Windows Phone and iOs.

Development on all your Favorite Platforms

Cross platform development can be difficult, but Zunch Labs has assembled a team of developers with experience ranging from Xamarim to Unity. No matter what platform you’re using, our team has the experience to take you through each stage of the SDLC to lower costs and reduce the time frame of the project.

Mobile Back-Ends

We build web connected mobile back-ends that are scalable, reliable, and built with open architecture to increase performance while reducing maintenance costs. Our experts develop easy to use backends that avoid hardware constraints by creating a superior architecture with intuitive business and data layers.

Our back-ends will allow your workforce to use the full potential of big data to provide presentations on any connected device. A back-end developed by Zunch Labs will ensure easy access to different types of data that can be integrated with different forms of content.

Specialized Back Ends

If a pre-built solution can’t meet your requirements, our team can build custom back-end applications to match your specifications. With our custom back-ends, you can store and manipulate the data you want and deliver it in the format that you need.

Integration Layers

With our mobile integration layers, compatibility is a non-issue. You will be able to integrate your mobile apps and introduce endpoints with any existing web solution you have. By constructing intermediary server side solutions, APIs, connectors and middleware, your mobile apps will always connect smoothly.

Team with us and Take Advantage of our Mobile development Skill

Our engineering team has the expertise to develop fast, feature rich, deeply integrated mobile back-ends. They have years of experience building back-ends that are custom made to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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