Company Profile

Zunch Labs is a full-cycle IoT hardware and software development company dedicated to building leading edge enterprise IoT solutions and systems.

Full-Cycle IoT Hardware and Software Development

Specializing in building enterprise solutions and systems, Zunch Labs is a full-cycle IoT hardware and software development company dedicated to building leading edge enterprise IoT solutions and systems.

  • Embedded Software
  • Desktop Solutions
  • Hardware Design
  • Advanced Web Apps
  • Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Wearable Solutions
  • Internet of Things

We offer a wide variety of services to ensure streamlined solution development. With Zunch, there is no need to contact multiple companies for the completion of your goals. Our expert engineers have diverse knowledge of many programming languages and frameworks, and use that knowledge to develop solutions that match your existing architecture.

The Facts

  • ISO 27002 Secure Environment
  • 15+ Years’ Experience in the Communication Services Industry
  • Diversified Portfolio
  • Continual Updates and Improvement after Job Completion
  • 40+ Software Engineers
  • 4 Team Members with PhD’s in Computer Science
  • 8+ Employees with Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Most Employees have 10+ years’ Experience in the Software Industry
  • Expert Project Management Experience

A Global Provider of Digital Solutions

  • Headquarters – Dallas, TX
  • Production Facility – Russia
  • Production Facility – India
  • Production Facility – China
  • Production and Support Facility – Mexico

Why Choose Zunch

Zunch Labs is an extension to your existing software development team. We act as your partner in business to reduce the time, risk, and costs associated with digital solution development. Not only this, if your existing team doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge to develop the solution you need, our team can handle the task for you. This ensures that your team can focus on being productive by doing what they do best.

A Solution for Every Need

  • With our advanced web-based solutions, we leverage the full potential of the latest infrastructure, technology and software to develop high load distributed systems complete with complex analytics and secure data processing. The web solutions we build are not only secure and scalable, with years of experience building front ends; we make them elegant and easy to use as well. With diverse knowledge of domains and superb technical skills, we can pinpoint exactly what your business needs in order to launch new sales channels, expand your client base and optimize your entire business process.
  • Mobile solutions have become a staple within the modern business world, and Zunch Labs has the skills you need to develop the productive apps you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a native or hybrid app, we have experience developing for Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. We can even design and build feature rich mobile games and consumer apps that will delight even the most demanding of users.
  • Zunch Labs has established itself as a leader in embedded software with our expertise in low-level development along with a powerful understanding of the electronics domain. Our embedded software service is full-cycle and includes driver and middleware development, system level apps and performance optimization services. To ensure the app meets your requirements and delivers the maximum ROI, we provide extensive failure/debugging testing and analysis for every solution we build.

A Partner in Business

For every client we have served, Zunch Labs has formed a long-lasting business relationship with them all. We take pride in the fact that the development process never ends, and throughout the entire life-cycle of the solution, we will always be there to continually tune, test, and improve it to better suit your needs.

Industry leaders such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Nokia have collaborated with Zunch Labs to create powerful digital solutions for both, business and consumer markets.  We appreciate forming new relationships and developing exciting new solutions for every business, no matter the size or scope of the work required. Contact us today to see what Zunch Labs can do for your business.

Start Your Project Now

Our teams have the experience and skillset you need to push your products and company forward. With years of hands-on experience working directly in the field, our engineers have the knowledge to take on the hardest challenges. Combine that experience with our full cycle development practices, and your company will have a reliable development partner through the entire lifespan of your project.
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