User Interface and Front-End Development

Your front-end layout and design is critical to the productivity of your workforce. Our dedicated team of developers will build a visually appealing, intuitive and productive front-end for web solutions, mobile apps, and device interfaces.

Consolidating Data and Reducing Chokepoints, All with Beautiful Designs

The problems encountered while designing the front-end of an application is varied and complex. It is essential that users can perform tasks in a fast, efficient manner with as little time and effort put forth on their part. Our engineers have years of experience designing intuitive front-ends and conduct the proper research when defining user needs, expected behavior, and traffic load. The data they collect from your company will define the techniques we use to create an app that is perfectly suited for your organization.

Unified Approach

We render both the functional and visual elements across the entire solution with a unified approach to get the results users expect.

UI Performance

Combined with excellent solution architecture, our systems utilize RIA’s to increase their performance even further to enable a quick response from the implemented functions.

Streamlined User Journeys

By carefully mapping and assessing users’ motivations, actions, and stumbling points, we can smooth out any rough edges that hinder their production.

Predictable and Visible

We design visually appealing UI’s that let users perform action and access data with ease. By making it easy to identify the functional elements, it will minimize the effort the user is required to accomplish their tasks.

Technology for Every Platform

Our front-ends feature more than a powerful architecture, they are also incredibly intuitive and user friendly. We combine our experience with a variety of frameworks, technologies, and tools that are designed specifically to enhance the usability of the products. We code the presentation layer using Java and .NET MVC.s patterns to create interactive, responsive applications without the issues of concern separation, and code reusability. This allows us to develop targeted enhancements, all with a shorter turnaround time. The exact technology we use is dependent on your project requirements and can include .NET, Windows Phone, Java, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and even low-level embedded programming.

Solutions Built for Optimal UX

All of the applications we build meet the Human Interface Guidelines. These guidelines define visual design principles and the consistency/behavior of common elements that make the software more intuitive, learnable and consistent.  As part of our design process, we optimize the users experience by –

  • Interactive Layouts with Clean Designs – All data and information is easy to find, with actionable elements clearly marked.
  • Visual Aids/ Instructions – We provide visual aids throughout the software that dynamically educate the user about its operation. These aids include highlighting, hints, and pop-ups.
  • Data Visualization – Users can easily sort, transform, and adapt the data to present it as they like through infographics, interactive graphs, charts, and more.
  • Intuitive Workflow and User Journey – Combined with our visual aids, the essential interface elements are clearly marked and the workflow is streamlined to help the user accomplish tasks.

Making the Most out of your Devices Built in Power

By using low-level programming languages that work closely with the devices hardware, we can build applications that utilize the full functionality of your mobile devices. This means that the applications will be more user-friendly, faster, and will use hardware resources more efficiently than comparable apps made with high-level languages.  We can build apps that use your devices –

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Vibration
  • Screen lighting

Contact Zunch Labs

If you need a web based or native application for consumer and enterprise use, out team has years of experience developing multiplatform applications that are beautiful, intuitive and productive. Please Contact Us Today to find out what solutions we can build for you.

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