Firmware and Embedded Software

Our software engineers have the experience you need to create the firmware and embedded software solutions that will ensure your next project is a success.

We have the Skills You Need for a Successful Product Launch

Our software engineers have worked with many industry leaders and have years of experience developing cutting-edge solutions for a variety of different fields.

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hi-tech Gadgets
  • Medical Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Wearables
  • Networking Solutions

DSC and DSP Software Development

Zunch Labs can create highly efficient DSC’s and DSP’s to turn your product idea into a reality. With our expertise in both embedded software and hardware, our teams will work alongside you to improve your operational processes and efficiency by developing advanced –

  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Healthcare applications
  • Sports and leisure solutions
  • Industrial automation and control systems
  • Healthcare applications
  • Advanced Sensor Design for Efficient Processes
  • And more!

Real world signals Transformed into Action

There’s no easy solution when building a DSP based solution that’s capable of fetching and processing multiple concurrent signals. However, Zunch Labs engineers have years of in the field experience tackling real world problems with DSP solutions. We provide system-level solutions and our domain competencies in DSP/DSC include –

Audio Signal Processing We can build audio recording apps that feature algorithm-based noise filtering features.

Control Systems We have the ability to make fully automated drone-based solutions to industrial automation systems

Video Compression and Pattern Recognition Although particularly useful for surveillance systems, we can develop video analytics solutions for sports as well.

Digital Image Processing Develop powerful apps for cameras, which include data overlays, Meta tagging and facial recognition.

Advanced Sensor Design

With our advanced sensor designs, we can enable our clients to do more with less, automate a variety of processes, increase their productivity, and overall make their companies data savvy.  By capturing the real world signals from sensors, our engineers can use their engineering expertise and innovation to create solutions that will push your company into the future.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Hardware
  • Intelligent Sensor Web and Middleware
  • Data Acquisition

Zunch Labs has already developed sensor-equipped solutions for a variety of industries ranging from sportswear to healthcare.  We have developed laptop drivers that use tilt-sensors to rotate their screens and wearable devices that use advanced motion and direction sensors to provide accurate biological data. Using our experience of sensor node software and wireless sensor networks, we can design a solution for almost any application or requirement. Listed below are just some of the sensors we use –

  • Proximity & Presence
  • Acoustic
  • Environmental
  • Motion, Vibration & Acceleration
  • MEMS
  • Electric, Magnetic & Radio
  • Pressure & Force
  • Optical & Imaging

Years of Experience Developing Leading-Edge Solutions

We know the challenges of finding a competent team for developing embedded software and firmware. That’s why we have assembled a team of experts who specialize in this field to make your project go as smoothly as possible.

  • Data exchange among the devices
  • Firmware for various electronic device types
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Cross-platform software development
  • Digital signal processing
  • M2M Solutions and Connected Devices
  • System-on-chip embedded software
  • Storage device firmware
  • Embedded Linux based solutions
  • Drivers and BSP (Windows, Linux, Mobile platforms)

A Varied Skills Distribution

Although our engineers specialize in C/C++, Assembler and Python programming languages, we made sure to include team members that have a variety of knowledge of proven network protocols, architectures and more.

Experienced Zunch Lab will connect your business to industry professions who have the hands-on experience you need to complete your firmware and embedded software solutions. With a deep knowledge of a wide range of domains, our skilled engineers will work directly alongside you on your projects.

Every Detail Accounted For In order to provide a stable, reliable and high-performance product, we pay attention to every minor detail. We inspect and test every aspect of the product to ensure that all system components are working properly and that the entire system architecture is optimized for the best performance.

Full Cycle Development From the start of the project until completion, we provide full cycle development services, which include initial concept and analysis, PCB and hardware design, prototyping, continual support, requirements management, and implementation.

Partners in Business We pride ourselves in establishing long-term partnerships with our clients while providing cost-effective and professional services during any stage of a product, device life cycle, or system.

The Technology Partner for Cutting-Edge Companies

Our engineers have experience developing solutions that have been the driving force behind many of the products you use during the course of the day.  By coming to Zunch Labs, their experience working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies enables us to share their knowledge with your company as well. With such a diverse skillset, we can help your company become a driving force of innovation to stand out from your competition.

Even if you have an existing solution, we can still help. Our engineers have experience working with legacy code and can offer maintenance, support and improvement of your existing products.

With our full Cycle development, we cooperate closely with our clients during every phase of the project to ensure the highest productivity and innovation we can possibly provide.  Our engineers have helped countless companies bring in millions of dollars of revenue through their attention to performance, interoperability, functionality and integrity of the solutions they have built.

Refined Process

Zunch Labs continually improves upon its quality assurance, project management, and development processes to ensure a controllable and stable project flow.

  • Established documentation strategy
  • Comprehensive research and analysis on the early stages to mitigate project risks
  • Precise requirements management
  • Seamless communication
  • Transparent workflow
  • Strict source code management policies
  • Mature project management — we are competent in RUP and Agile (SCRUM) methodologies

Start Your Project Now

Our teams have the experience and skillset you need to push your products and company forward. With years of hands-on experience working directly in the field, our engineers have the knowledge to take on the hardest challenges.  Combine that experience with our full cycle development practices, and your company will have a reliable development partner through the entire lifespan of the product. Contact Us Today to find out what Zunch Labs can do for you.

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