Software Prototyping

If you need a firmware/embedded, web or mobile solution, our team can make a tangible POC that can be tested immediately.

Software Prototyping

Software prototyping allows you to test the feasibility of products before making any major financial commitments. With our service, we can rapidly develop a cost-effective proof-of-concept (POC) that reduces your overall risk while enabling you to form a solid strategy going forward.

  • Test your ideas
  • Develop your Strategy
  • Estimate Project Costs
  • Discover Real-World Problems and Potential

What are the benefits of making a POC?

Gauge the Feasibility of the Entire Project –

By building a POC, you can take the idea off the drawing board and put into your hands. This provides you with the ability to gather real-world data before starting full-scale development.

Avoid Significant Changes and Going over Budget –

A POC gives your team the chance to eliminate fundamental issues before they become a problem. Finding these solutions early will help you to develop a strategy based on your products known strengths and weaknesses.

Address Usability and Design Concerns based on Actual User Interaction –

You will be able to give your POC to potential users to gain valuable feedback about the product. This will give you the opportunity to make fundamental changes and revisions that will avoid costly fixes as the project continues.

How We Make a POC

We start by working with you to find the intended resource availability, scope, and define the goal of the project. From there, our project management and engineers combine their R&D efforts to deliver a POC that has measurable results that will help form your projects strategy.

Live Interaction Test –

By selecting a focus audience, we can perform live testing to gauge the overall usability and marketability of the product. This will give your team knowledge of how the product will be used in a real-life scenario to identify areas that need fine-tuning or adjustment.

R&D Prototype –

Prototypes have been shown to reduce the costs and problems that occur during development. This greatly aids your strategy for developing UI while addressing performance concerns.

Technology Feasibility –

To test the feasibility of the technology being used, it is important to test the POC through multiple uses and tasks. This aids in finding the shortcomings and strengths of the product, as well as testing the compatibility with other technologies being used by the project.

Choose Zunch Labs to Build Your Prototype or POC

We have assembled a team of system architects, UI/UX designers, expert developers, and QA professionals with years of experience developing prototypes and POC’s. Whether you need a firmware/embedded, web or mobile solution, our team can make a tangible POC that can be tested immediately.

Mobile Prototyping

Mobile devices have become a necessity, and powerful data driven apps drive productivity throughout the workforce. With our mobile prototyping service, you can get the most out of your mobile devices by testing the usability of a product before development. By providing users with an interactive and compelling experience, you can –

  • Extend the value of engagement within your company
  • Connect with your target audience in an effective manner
  • Build employee and customer loyalty
  • Jump ahead of the competition
  • Drive Sales
  • Increase Productivity

Start your POC Project Today

If you need to validate your project before making any major commitments, Zunch Labs will provide you with a cost-effective prototype to get your project started.
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