John G. Sanchez

Founder/Chairman & CEO

John G. Sanchez can be described as an enthusiastic entrepreneur that continually pushes both himself and his team to exceed the requirements defined by our clients. Zunch Labs is the embodiment of all he has worked for and he has assembled a team of experts who share the same passion for quality that he does.

John has served as the vice-president on the board of directors for SEMPO, the largest nonprofit trade organization in the world for the search engine marketing industry. After his time spent there, he established Zunch, a full service digital marketing agency that provides web design/development, SEO, PPC management services, and more. Seeking to provide even better service and to push himself further, he formed Zunch Labs to provide innovative digital solutions for businesses that strive for improvement through technology.

Experience, Proficiency, and Knowledge

When selecting team members, John made it a point to emphasize that the candidates demonstrated experience, knowledge, and proficiency. These are the main criteria for his employment decisions, but it is also vital that they have a passion for the work they do. Passion is the key to innovation and creativity and it allows Zunch Labs to incorporate unique thoughts and ideas into your projects.  We can assure you that the solution we build for you will not only be high performance, but also a creative IT work of art.

Expert Teams

Experts have been assigned to every department, and for every solution, the most qualified individuals will be selected to be part of your team. Zunch Labs will act as an extension to your in-house resources that blend seamlessly into your corporation by matching your corporate culture, internal practices, and proprietary methodologies. They have the programming experience and diverse knowledge to build cross platform applications on any device that you choose.

Zunch Labs has 4 team members with PhD’s in computer science, and over 8 employees with master’s degrees in computer science and mathematics.

Start Your Project Now

Our teams have the experience and skillset you need to push your products and company forward. With years of hands-on experience working directly in the field, our engineers have the knowledge to take on the hardest challenges. Combine that experience with our full cycle development practices, and your company will have a reliable development partner through the entire lifespan of your project.
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