Apps and Data Integration

Streamlined Data Integration from Varied Sources

Zunch Labs offers complete and flexible data integration solutions with intuitive modeling tools.

Reliable Data Integration

Data integration is a combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from different sources into relevant and valuable information. Zunch Labs offers a complete data integration service that will help your staff sort, monitor, transform, and deliver data while ensuring that it is consistent and governed in real-time.  We build efficient solutions that are both flexible and scalable to eliminate bottle necks to –

  • Smooth data flows
  • Ensure Data Validity
  • Provide easy access to data while maintaining security
  • Govern Data in Real Time
  • Retire and consolidate applications

Relevant Knowledge of System Integration

Zunch Labs has a team of specialized software engineers with the data integration knowledge you need to build complex architectures that can support real-time message based or event driven operating environments.

eCommerce Enablement and Integration

  • Mobile commerce integration
  • Data integration for payment gateways/processing endpoints
  • Advertising networks integration
  • Complete integration of e-commerce frontend/backend systems and line-of-business applications
  • Shopping cart engine integration

Online Services and Solutions

  • SMTP servers / E-mail engines integration
  • API development
  • Social media integration
  • SMS gateways integration
  • Media content storage and distribution networks integration
  • Third-party online services API integration

Data Integration

  • Smart Data Connectors
  • Complex ETL solutions
  • Data synchronization and distributed databases across multiple locations


  • Complex ETL Solutions
  • Mobility solutions for Enterprise Use
  • CRM, BI, ECM solutions Integration
  • Portal Integration

Powerful Networking Abilities

We specialize in web services such as SOAP and REST for building and interfacing in addition to low level protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, EtherCAT, x.25/x.28, UDP, and PPP.

REST – REST is an architectural style and approach to communications that is used while developing web services. It is often preferred over SOAP because it doesn’t leverage as much bandwidth, making data transfer faster over the internet.

SOAP – SOAP is used to exchange information in a distributed, decentralized environment. It is an XML based protocol with three parts, an envelope that defines a framework, encoding rules for expressing instances and a convention for representing remote procedure calls and responses.

Which method we use is entirely dependent on the application. We will always use the relevant protocol for your data integration solution.

Start Your Data Integration with Zunch Labs

If you are introducing new solutions to your network, migrating to the cloud or integrating more web services into an existing app, our service can help you ensure a smooth data-integration that can be customized for your specific needs. Contact Us Today to find out how we can help.

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