Engagement Models

Let Zunch Labs assemble a team of experienced engineers and developers that will help you throughout your project cycle.

Zunch Labs focuses on building long lasting partnerships with our customers. We are a client-centric company that shares your objectives and drive to push your company forward. We construct our teams around your domain and requirements to offer a specialized solution to match the needs of your business. We combine our teams to work directly alongside your in-house staff of distributed development force to improve the quality and speed of your work. We have several engagement solutions available that will match your budget and the complexity of the project.

Time and Material

The Time and Material model is an industry standard for situations where all parties involved require flexibility during short-term projects. This model lets you take more control over the development cost and progress, instead of immediately requiring one fixed solution. If you don’t quite have a vision of the final product, this option will allow you to experiment with different processes without making a long term financial commitment. This model can also be used to test your companies’ ability to outsource to relieve any concerns you may have.

Depending on your needs, the services under the Time and Material Model can consist of –

  • Maintenance and Support
  • Testing
  • Consulting
  • Varying Hourly rates
  • Billing based on time spent on tasks
  • Regular Reports

Dedicated Development Team

In this engagement solution, we will assemble a handpicked staff of professionals that form a DDT to work on your project. Typically, this will last three months depending on the project and you will have simplified billing for the entire team. Due to the custom nature of this solution, the team’s structure may be varied throughout the duration of the project.

This solution works well for medium to long-term projects as the DDT includes many additional financial and communication benefits –

  • Add your content…A completely customized team, both in terms of investments and skillset, to exactly match the requirements of your project
  • We deliver a full-cycle service that streamlines the development process from beginning to end. You will have no need to contact external vendors.
  • Sensitive data is kept within the DDT for additional security
  • Realize an increased output across all stages of production
  • Complete transparency, visibility, and control over the development team

What Makes our Engagement Models Better

Full Transparency

Through every part of the project, you will have full access to all available information about the project. We maintain constant contact with the Product Managers and Lead Developers through multiple channels including –

  • Calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conferencing
  • Detailed Reporting and Documentation
  • Use of Project Management Software Tools
  • Onsite Visits

Tight Security and IP Protection

We always follow proper safety protocols and secure the office environment against penetration and data breaches. Our offices and teams are well disciplined and follow all applicable ISO standards that are applicable to your project. We use the latest technology and administrative controls to ensure secure information transmission throughout the course of the project to protect both your intellectual property and critical information.

Custom Size and Scalability

Whether you need a small team of 2 or a team with over 200 people, we will build a team as large or as small as your project requires. We can even extend your current team upon request. Our project managers are skilled in launching DDT’s that will be tailored directly for your specific project. During the course of the project, they will use the project management strategy that suits your company best.

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