Dedicated Development Center

Reduce your employment, implementation and overhead costs and reduce project completion time.

How We Build Our Teams

  • A Dedicated Developer Center (DDC) is a specialized team of software architects that are chosen based on how well their skillsets meet the requirements for your project. To reduce your overhead costs, the DDC uses the facilities of Zunch Labs, which contain all of the technical equipment needed to finish the project. These facilities also meet all security requirements for the protection of your data and IP.


  • A DDC acts as an extension to your in-house resources and will be staffed by team members who possess hands-on, cross-domain experience. Our teams have the low and high-level programming experience to build cross platform applications on the devices of your choosing.


  • The DDC will fit seamlessly into your corporation by complying with your corporate culture, internal practices, and proprietary methodologies.


Identify skills/knowledge required for project completion
Plan team structure and size
Establish a roadmap that defines team setup


Assemble core team
Establish Development Environment
Transfer Knowledge to DDC team


Begin work ASAP while maintaining constant contact between the DDC and your In-House team


Add specialists to DDC according to roadmap while transferring knowledge to the new team members


Expand team to the planned size to reach maximum production capabilities

Highly Productive, Streamlined Process to complete Project on-time and within budget

Why Choose Zunch Labs?

When you choose a DDC with Zunch Labs, our goal is to form a long lasting partnership with your business. By combining our teams and knowledge, we can ensure that the project will be completed in a fast, efficient manner.  Our DDC’s are fully transparent and you will have full access to all of the information and control over every aspect including the secure IT infrastructure, engineering resources and the produced IP.

Our teams have strong knowledge of –

  • Project Management
  • Full operational control of the dedicated resources
  • Reliable IT infrastructure
  • Unique cross-domain expertise
  • Strong security controls compliant with ISO/IEC 27002

We Have the Experience You Need

Our engineers have years of experience working with global industry leaders, and have deep knowledge of proven methodologies, the latest frameworks, low-level programming languages, and more. Our teams also use the appropriate collaboration tools to ensure that the project is implemented properly and delivered on time.

Cost-Effective Operation

There are no long-term obligations when using a DDC, and the team uses our facilities to further lower your cost. This allows you to make strategic investments as you need or want them according to the projects requirements.

A Variety of Pricing Options

Aside from no commitments, Zunch Labs also provides a variety of pricing options that will let you choose staff based on the needs of your project.


A DCC serves as an extension of your existing team, so you will have full control over the projects operation. This enables much more flexibility for risk management, enabling you to control risks based on requirements, deliverables, and development flow.

Team Built with Project Goals in Mind

Our DDC teams are incredibly efficient.  Each team will be built by selecting engineers who have the necessary knowledge and skillset required for your specific project.  This greatly improves productivity while helping to reduce the overall cost of the project.

Zunch Labs Resources

You not only gain access to our expert engineers; you will also gain access to all of Zunch Labs facilities. A DDC will be formed by selecting the appropriate technology needed for your project development for a more productive work environment.

Reduced Turnaround Time

Our DDC’s use a streamlined process that enables the conventional project development stages to run faster and more efficiently. Our team will be able to focus more attention to completing the work, rather than being held back by conventional bottlenecks.

Focus on What You Do Best

By having control over what project tasks are outsourced, you will be able to improve your in-house team’s performance by letting them focus on their key strengths.  If your team lacks the experience necessary for a certain task, our DDC can complete the work faster and more effectively.

Top- Notch Security Practices

Our DDC’s fully comply with ISO/IEC 27002 information security standards and the area will remain fully protected against security threats throughout the projects duration. These protective measures include but are not limited to –

  • Physical and Environmental Security
  • Access Control
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Human Resources Security and Legal Policies
  • Asset Management

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Zunch Labs will reduce your employment, implementation and overhead costs and reduce project completion time by building a custom team of experts that will integrate directly into your company. Contact Us Today to get started

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