Intelligent Transportation System

The Zunch Labs Intelligent Transportation System is a fully integrated system that includes a range of top-of-the-line IoT infrastructure products including cutting edge software and services.

Intelligent Transportation System Technical Characteristics

  • Seamless and no dead zone coverage with HD equipment.
  • Utilization of existing facilities, compatible between digital and analog equipment.
  • Intelligent analysis functionality.
  • Standardization.
  • Highly integrated.
  • User friendly.
  • Comprehensive services for admins and users/citizens.
  • Convenient and easy operation, management and maintenance.

Intelligent Transportation System Composition

Intelligent Transportation System Applications

Traffic Flow Control

  • Traffic light control
  • Traffic flow calculation
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Guidance equipment control

Traffic Information Release

  • LED information releasing plate
  • Radio station and television
  • SMS
  • Public inquiry terminal (App)
  • Website

Traffic Violation Control

  • Over speed
  • Run red light
  • Wrong direction
  • Occupied lane

Public Transportation Management

  • Expressway, highway and tunnels
  • Parking lots
  • Railway and subway
  • Bus, taxi and truck

Vehicle and Driver Management

  • Vehicle information
  • Driver information
  • Violation record and penalty
  • Driving route tracing

Daily Tasks and Emergency Handling

  • Command center
  • Resource dispatching
  • Preplan
  • Daily tasks management

Analysis and Statistics

  • Record inquiry
  • Log
  • User management
  • Simulation

Real-Time Traffic Status Monitoring

  • Accident
  • Traffic jam
  • Abnormal status

Intelligent Transportation System Traffic Flow Control

Intelligent Transportation System Traffic Flow Control

Intelligent Transportation System Traffic Violation Control


Running Red Light

Intelligent Transportation System Vehicle/Driver Management

Wrong Direction

Lane Occupied

Intelligent Transportation System Traffic Information Release

Vehicle and Driver Information

  • Vehicle trade and registration record
  • Driver identification

Violation Record and Penalty

  • Evidence collection through front-end equipment
  • Standard scoring and penalty system
  • Self-service terminal

Driving Route Tracing

  • Monitor and manage public vehicle effectively
  • Locating and navigation
  • GIS

Intelligent Transportation System Public Transportation Management



LED Guidance Plate

Public Information Display

Web Site

Mobile Terminal (Vehicle Navigation, Mobile SMS, Apps)

Intelligent Transportation System Public Transportation Management


  • Intelligent monitoring and recording system (e-Gate)
  • Toll station payment system
  • Vehicle recognition, record and comparison


  • e-Gate
  • Automatic detecting and recording system of vehicles for traffic violation (e-Police)


  • Ventilation control
  • Risk detection
  • Illumination control
  • Image surveillance
  • Pollution detection

Intelligent Transportation System Real-Time Traffic Status Monitoring

Parking Lots

  • Parking guidance
  • Vehicle recognition, record and comparison
  • Automatic accessing and charging

Railway and Subway

  • Third-party data access
  • Integrated management

Bus, Taxi and Truck

  • Vehicle locating and navigation
  • Vehicle status and maintenance information
  • Driver information management
  • Operation management

Intelligent Transportation System Real-Time Traffic Status Monitoring

Surveillance Camera

  • Establish e-map for GIS
  • Mark the surveillance point
  • Connect with the camera video signal
  • Inquire the camera point through key words or location
  • Display the video signal

Intelligent Transportation System Daily Duty and Emergency Handling

Other Multiple Front-End Sensors to Monitor Traffic Flow

Buried Coil

Buried Magnetism

e-Gate & e-Police

Velocity Meter

Intelligent Transportation System Daily Duty and Emergency Handling

Command and Dispatch Center

Intelligent Transportation System Analysis and Statistics


  • Traffic accident, hit-and-run
  • Extreme weather (rain, snow, fog and hail, etc.)
  • Extremely serious or large accident
  • Giant events (ceremony, conference and parade, etc.)
  • Draw the route on e-map for special duty
  • Automatic select cameras along the route
  • Pre-set the information of motorcade and route
  • Automatically locate the guided vehicle
  • Automatically show the surveillance video signal from the camera along the route

Intelligent Transportation System Management Center

Record Inquiry

  • Fast record inquiry and playback based on various criteria (time, location, license number, etc.)


  • Automatic log generation
  • Log print

User Management

  • User identification
  • User authorization


  • Configuration testing
  • Preplan testing

Intelligent Transportation System Command Center

  • Display matrix
  • Operator seats
  • UPS
  • Air-conditioning
  • Security
  • Fireproof
  • Comprehensive wiring
  • Custom decoration
  • Video conference
  • Server room

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